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how images got its logo
Even in the cold, barren months of winter when light and color are scarce, the earth resounds with beauty. Clear, cold days with blue skies and stark white snow capture the excitement of the season; overcast days emphasize the contrast between the stark grey-tones of the sleeping earth and frozen skies; and the landscapes of sparkling snow and crisp evergreens hold a fairy-tale-like quality all their own. Ice and snow create unusual and unique designs, one of the biggest reasons why I love shooting in winter. But living in the south, the snow rarely comes to me; I have to travel to it.
New York State’s ‘North Country’ is known for its breathtaking snowscapes, and one of my favorite places to shoot during the winter. Conveniently, many of my cousins still live in the tiny towns scattered along Old No. 4, and the remains of what was once the family homestead are perched on Tug Hill where the drifts pile deepest. Woods and farmland stretch for miles and paved roads are few and far between. So it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that one of my many trips here birthed the logo I now use for images.
We’d taken out one of the big trucks with snow chains that day, planning to go up Tug Hill to the ruins of the homestead. You know what they say about the best-laid plans of mice and men…? We ended up stuck in the backwoods in the mud and ice. But I certainly wasn’t going to let it be a wasted trip, so while the men tried to get the truck unstuck, I set up and started shooting! The pictures that resulted were well worth it…
Road to Tug Hill (2009)


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