if: dust bowl

Dust Bowl (2011)

With this week’s topic being ‘Dusty’ I decided that a scene out of the Midwestern Dust Bowl might not be amiss.  I haven’t worked with vellum since my last freelance architectural project back before the housing industry went belly-up though, and now I remember why.  Despite the gorgeous blending effects you can get with it, it’s more aggravation than any artistic medium has the right to be (and I’ve worked with clay, wood, metal…).  Breath on it while the ink is too wet, and it ripples.  Let fingers or hair stray too near, and it smudges.  Fail to move your pens quickly enough and it puddles, and even wiping it up with an eradicator doesn’t entirely get rid of the mess.  Even so, I enjoyed working with this one, trying to catch the sunlight refracting in the dusty haze.


9 thoughts on “if: dust bowl

  1. Makes me glad I didn't go with my original idea, given how annoyed I was with the world in general that morning. I halfway considered dumping a bucket of vacuum cleaner dust on a canvas, swirling it around a bit, and calling it abstract art. I'm pretty sure no one else has done that… But would that be considered 'mixed media' or 'other'…?


  2. Well…you've achieved some marvelous atmospheric effects. I wouldn't have guessed it was so difficult to work with (but then I wouldn't know, as I've never used it before. What DO people use it for?


  3. @ Coreopsis:
    In the days before CADD became widespread, architects and interior designers did all their drawings by hand. Vellum was the material of choice, as it could be used for both construction documents and color renderings. Now it's fallen out of popularity because of all the software available that does basically the same thing, with just the click of a mouse. Personally, I feel that those new renderings–though perhaps neater and more precise–just lack the soul of renderings done by hand.


  4. I think vacuum cleaner dust would have been pretty original! I even found a quote about “when your dreams turn to dust, vaccum!” Welcome fo IF… and thanks for your support of my dust. (Am going to look at your flute pages, too. Mine has been in a drawer for too many years.)


  5. Thanks, Knitting Painter! I understand how frustrating it can be when you just want to try something–often new and unusual–and nobody else *gets* it. Not all of us are literal artists (or musicians), and it tends to confuse the majority that are.


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