if: surrender

Surrender (2011)

There are many forms of surrender–physical, mental, spiritual–but in the end they all amount to basically the same thing: giving up, completely relinquishing control to someone or something else.  To create art is to surrender, because into every drawing or painting we make, every photograph we take, we give up a part of ourselves both to the making of our art and to our viewers.  We must admit that it’s not all about us, or the money, or sometimes even about the image but about giving in to the need that we all have within us to create something different and new.

This week, my aim was something completely different both in terms of subject and media.  My presentation here leans more towards the conceptual and abstract, with an odd mix I’ve never attempted before: vellum, pastels, collage, and digital imaging layered together in a single image.  It was a complete surrender, in the sense that I was casting myself wholesale into the unknown: giving over to a concept I didn’t fully understand. Not in the beginning, at least.

The distorted being in the foreground, arms outstretched in surrender and supplication is left intentionally vague; man, woman, alien from outer space, it’s left to the viewer to decide.  But this is not a surrender of resignation, of last resort.  This is a surrender intended to bring peace to whatever conflict might exist for this unknown.  So mote it be.


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