change & old paintings

Flowers I (c. 1990)
change: v. to be or cause to be different; alter
If there’s one thing that remains constant, it’s that everything changes: people, places, things.  Even that which seems immutable–the very heavens themselves–shift ever so slightly with the passage of time; stars are born and then die out.  The past year has been one of many changes, some good, some bad, and all with lasting ramifications for my life and art.  There scarcely seems enough time passed for it all to have happened, never mind for the human mind and heart to begin to cope; the mention of it in passing is difficult enough, even now.
So I was going through boxes of random things that my family has saved over the years and was rather surprised to discover that they’d kept quite a bit of my art.  I mean really old art: paintings from when I was about 8-10 years old…and some even older than that.  Considering that they were little more than quick watercolor sketches using cheap paint on loose-leaf scraps, it’s hard to believe that they survived more or less intact.  Seeing them again after so long made the difference between my style then and now all the more pronounced.  And it made me wonder: what happened to the person I used to be…?
Flowers II (c. 1990)
My Heart, My Soul, My Inspiration
MEZ (1922-1996)     RJR (1924-1997)     ELR (1927-2010)

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