if: celtic inversion

Celtic Inversion (2011)*
Two steps forward, and three steps back.  Sometimes it seems as if the world is running in reverse, that every time we make a little progress, something comes along and undoes it all…like a car racing backward down a hill and completely out of control.  It’s all we can do just to keep up, forget trying to overtake it.  Other times, it’s like a photo negative, or the yin-yang: a juxtaposition of opposites, a coming into balance.  The forward can’t exist without the reverse, for how can we define one without knowledge of the other?  Being opposite to the norm isn’t right or wrong.  It simply is.  Harmony.  The reverse negates what came before, alters our perception of the world around us.  Black/White.  Stop/Go.  Mirror image, and yet somehow not.
Shift into reverse.
Turn the world inside-out.
*inspired by the works of Courtney Davis & used under the ‘crafts applications’ policy of the Dover Pictorial Archive

4 thoughts on “if: celtic inversion

  1. Celtic patterns are always a pleasure to the eye.
    I think they closely resemble Art Nouveau patterns, both are based on nature-designs.
    Nicely done & great text too for Illustration Fridays' Reverse'.


  2. Great post! I agree…one can't exist without the other. Very well said, and great image for this prompt. Turn the world inside out…very interesting concept! Thank you so much for this thought-provoking image and for your kind visit!!


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