knots & ivy

Celtic Ivy (2000)

Celtic Ivy (2000)

Since we’re already on the theme of Celtic knots for this week, I decided to post some older work of mine involving a variation on the trinity knot.  Both pieces were completed as part of a course in 3-D design which involved studies in clay, metal working, and wood among other media.  It was an exercise in patience; knots are inherently difficult to portray and require a great deal of attention to detail even on the best of days.  I’d worked previously with clay and ceramic at this point, but this was my first attempt doing anything with wood.
Ivy consists of multiple thin sheets of clay, with each knot and leaf hand sculpted and etched before assembly and firing.  Together, twenty layers create an image roughly 8×10 and less than 1/2″ deep.  Start to finish, using only my hands, toothpicks, and a kiln the entire process took about two weeks working only during class periods.  The Box was a bit more labor-intensive, and took about three weeks of classes to complete.  Starting from raw wood,  layers of mahogany were glued together and the base shape created with a band saw.  Then the pieces were popped back apart and the center of the box hollowed before the bottom layer was reattached.  Every detail in the lid was hand-chiseled, a process which took roughly 10 hours on its own.
Knot Box (2000)

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