if: swarm

Taking Flight (2011)


swarm: 1) teeming, abuzz; 2) a drove; a moving crowd; 3)pour; to move in large numbers; 4)a group of many things in the air or on the ground; 5)behavior of a group of animals, often moving in the same direction
As warmer weather approaches, it brings out the innate tendency of living beings to swarm.  The earth is abuzz, teeming with new life.  Birds flock;  mammals emerge from hibernation or gather together for their yearly migration; salmon head upstream.  Insects of every shape, size, and species swarm together to mate…and feast upon the unwary plants in their path.  Airborne seeds and spores take flight, and are set to root far from home.  Even we humans begin again to move en masse as it becomes more practical for us to spend extended periods outside at the park or beach.  Most, however, tend to overlook human actions in favor of the more obvious imagery in nature.  They forget that regardless of our origins and the nature-nurture-plain common sense argument, we are still living, breathing creatures sharing common characteristics with the animals around us.  That’s rather intimidating when you think about it: that we have something in common with even the insects.

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