watercolors: day & night

Walk Through the French Quarter (2003)
I love playing with washes and broad strokes of rich color, particularly in my landscapes, so it was only natural that I chose to use such a style for this duo.  The original painting, above, was commissioned as an illustration for a limited-edition publication on women in southern art and literature.  The light, bright colors create a cheerful but soothing atmosphere that wouldn’t look at all out of place in a tourism add for historic New Orleans.  But that same street after dark holds an air of mysteriousness and sometimes menace such that one almost expects to find thieves lurking in the painted shadows.
French Quarter at Dusk (2005)

4 thoughts on “watercolors: day & night

  1. I love playing with light, albeit sometimes in unusual or unnatural ways. It's interesting to see the effects that it produces, especially in terms of exaggerated highlights and shadows. I actually did four different variations on this, including the original graphite sketch and a gray-scale wash which I'll eventually get posted up here.


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