if: toy

Calligraphic Kitty (2011)
First off, my apologies for disappearing (albeit temporarily) from IF; things have been ridiculously hectic in RL, with a promotion at work and my choir going into overdrive for our spring session, pressing me to fall back on older works as a fill-in for my viewers.  Hopefully now that things have stabilized somewhat I’ll have a little free time again to keep up with the weekly topic.

So… Why was the first thing that popped into my head at this week’s theme a cat toying with its prey?  I’m not entirely sure, though I’ll confess that the kitty bears a striking resemblance to Honey, my seven-year-old Maine Coon.  Though she’s never actually brought me back a live mouse, she has been known to stalk (and toy) with bugs of all sizes, ‘playing’ with them before a solid swat renders them permanently out of commission, and to chase after birds and squirrels given the chance.



9 thoughts on “if: toy

  1. Thanks!

    @ Sue: I haven't done much simple line art in a while, so it's nice to get back to the basics.

    @ Raluca: I'd feel sorry for the mouse myself (he is rather cute), except that I'm not much of a rodent person.


  2. Looks like an Asian painting: only a few simple lines that bring alive a scene of action.
    Very nice.

    Like Raluca, I feel for the mouse, but I thinks this little rodent is able to escape with a somewhat shorter tail.



  3. @ Paula: I may do just the mouse again later. You'll just have to wait 'til then to see if he escaped (sans tail)!

    @Paula & Sarah: In general, that's the feel I was going for with this one, simple and sweet with a hint of motion. I've studied both calligraphy and Asian painting styles; since the reed brushes I used for that class were loaners from the professor, I was attempting to capture the same effect with just my pen.


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