if: duet

Duet (2011)
Traditionally, a duet is a musical arrangement intended for two performers.  But more things than music come tied together in twos: actions, people… What then differentiates a duet from a simple pair, just two of whatever happens to be at hand?  Is it the closeness of the relationship, the interconnection?  Or is it something else, something deeper?  As a musician as well as an artist, I approach all my work in the same methodical fashion, carefully vetting each score, every potential partner; it’s not just anyone who can take the individual parts of a duet and transform it into a cohesive whole.
Duet, therefore, tackles this week’s theme from the same dual perspective.  The central figure of Pisces, the twin fish of Greek origin and zodiacal fame, are of course two in number; if you look very closely, they form with their bodies their astrological sign.  Yes, I used the same technique here as with last week’s Kitty.  Following along that theme, I chose to draw them overlaid with a literal duet, one of my favorite scores in fact.  Kudos to anyone who can name the composer!  Why did I choose this, rather than the traditional Gemini?  Why, because Gemini is traditionally associated with twos, and we don’t stick to the traditional here!  That would just be plain overkill…

2 thoughts on “if: duet

  1. Lovely illustration of the theme 'Duet' with thoughts and music hidden in it.
    My best guess is Bach, since I hope I recognize his 'handwriting'. On the other hand Mozart didn't made any mistakes or scribbles either….But I think it is Bach. Maybe it is just wishful thinking.
    Keep going with your rich illustrations.


  2. Thanks, Paula. Good guesses, but no. Interesting idea there, trying to ID the handwriting…if I hadn't rather heavily effect-edited the sheet before adding the overlay. If you're curious as to the answer, it's hidden in my other blog.


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