if: bottled

Pouring Out (2011)
Bottled drinks, bottled emotions: so very different, and yet so very much alike. Everything is held in, kept under pressure–out of sight and mind–until at last some outside stimulus causes everything to explode.  So if those drinks come with a warning label–‘contents under pressure–point away from people while opening’–how is it that we humans lack the same?  We are just as capable of causing each other harm as the cork flying out of a bottle, perhaps more so, since as human beings we can choose where we direct that building explosion!  And yet our society seems very much a society of the bottle.  Thirsty?  Open a bottle.  Want to celebrate with your friends?  Open a bottle.  Depressed?  Open a bottle.  Angry?  Open a bottle.  Often, we pay no heed to the bottle’s content, or even to the consequences of opening that bottle, whether in the literal or figurative sense.  Perhaps today’s lesson should be one of moderation and self-restraint…

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