recycled greenery

Belmeade Fern (2007)
These arrangements were created for several homes that I staged in 2007, and were an  exercise in creative reuse.  The fern above was in fact the offspring of several other defunct arrangements that the developers had in their storage sheds and would most likely have thrown away: several baskets of scraggly-looking ferns, a  tattered trellis of roses, and a cracked terracotta pot of hydrangeas, among others.  The less-damaged parts were cannibalized by this enormous floral sculpture, which measured close to three feet high and almost as wide, and had to be assembled in situ.
The not-quite-matched poppies bookending the wall-to-wall mirror in the bathroom below were a mixture of old greenery and planters, and newer flowers to add a splash of color.  It was the first (and hopefully last) time I worked with those new ‘fuzzy’ stems, which, while looking more realistic, are a pain to bend and even more of a pain to cut.
Soap & Poppies (2007)

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