thomas mcknight mastercopy

McKnight Mastercopy (1999)
As part of the final examination for one of the painting courses I took, we were required to choose an artist and attempt to recreate several of his or her works.  At the time, I was particularly fond of silkscreen artist Thomas McKnight, not least because of his use of such vivid blocks of color.  The first piece, McKnight’s Kobe Living Room (not shown), I fought with for several days…not least over the large pink sofa in the center which was determined to make itself look like a bottle of Pepto Bismol; it was later gifted to a friend.  The title for the second panel escapes me for the moment, and since the official website seems only to list his images that are currently for sale, I’m at a bit of a loss here.  Does anyone know the actual name for this piece…?

One thought on “thomas mcknight mastercopy

  1. “Pool Pavilion” from his Palm Beach II Suite collection. And while there are still sellers, it's not cheap–Doubletake Gallery in Minnesota lists this at $850.00.


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