ink washes & reed brushes

Nile Cruise (1999)
Very rarely do I work in large scale, but on the occasions that I do, my love for working with washes and large brushes shines through.  All my worries are washed away, because there’s something relaxing in the simplicity of it: loose, carefree strokes, subtle variations of tone that occur naturally and without effort on my part.  Working with reed brushes only enhances this.  The trick, though lies in finding the right mix of ink and paper for the look you want to achieve.  My favorite backgrounds for this kind of work are newsprint and rice paper, and I typically mix and dilute my own inks.  One of these days, though, I’m going to invest in my own set of these lovely brushes, because I miss the freedom that they give to my work.
Bamboo Fence (1999)
Unfortunately missing from this collection is my rice paper scroll of live bamboo and Chinese calligraphy.  It had been hanging on my bedroom wall, but I took it down some time back when we were repainting the house, and I haven’t seen it since.  Hopefully it’s safely rolled up and packed in a box somewhere.  Otherwise, I shall be greatly displeased.
Owl in Tree (1999)

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