if: swell

Out to Sea (2011)
swell:  to increase in number, size, volume, force, or intensity; a wave on water that moves continuously and without breaking
Living near the ocean, the latter definition is most often the first to come to mind. Along the shoreline, waves break against the sand. The tides roll in and out.  And out over deep water roll the never-ending–yet ever-changing–swells. There’s a comforting familiarity to it all, and at the same time a sense of unpredictability, fluid as the sea itself. Reality is swept away. Yet for most of us, such moments are few and far between as the worries of day-to-day life also swell like the waves upon the open sea. May we never be so tempest-tossed that we forget the truly important things in life…

6 thoughts on “if: swell

  1. Cat, what a beautiful text along with a drawing that captures a mindful moment. I life near woodlands, but your drawing and text make me long for a beach walk to appreciate the 'out over deep water roll the never-ending-yet-ever-changing-swells'.


  2. Cat/Euterpe: Lovely oceanic image… but especially thank you for your comment on my “fracking” swell image. I also enjoyed seeing your profile… particularly because I actually knew the musicians you picked– and because I was a (very amateur) flue player for a while. Best wishes.


  3. Cat, you wrote one of the nicest things I've ever read at my blog, and I just wanted to send a big thank you and virtual hug. I am so touched by your fond memory of your grandfather and am smiling on the inside. It's awesome that his love of art moved you to also love art (I'm sure it was all around you as a child). Wishing you a fabulous week – and thank you again..and of course, I love the swell you created!! It's hard to make something look like a swell but yours is lovely – and your words hit home..I try my best to visit the ocean to reset myself and get perspective..and it always works. thanks Cat!!


  4. @ MD: It's astonishing, really, how much we're influenced by the things we find around us. You have your incredibly lovely plants and bugs and birds, and I have my sea and sky…

    @ Dana: Since my premise here is unique and unusual takes on common themes, it seemed appropriate.

    Thanks to everyone for your kind comments!


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