if: influence

Butterfly Effect (2011)
Admittedly, I struggled a bit trying to come up with something for this week’s Illustration Friday post, between work, wedding planning, and worrying about Irene turning up the coast to pay us a visit this coming weekend.. And then I stumbled across a quote in a sci-fi novel I was reading that snapped everything into perspective: ‘A butterfly flaps its wings in Peking, and weather in New York is different.’  Humans prefer to think of the world in linear terms, with clear-cut cause and effect–if, then–when the reality is that in complex systems, such as weather and even human interactions, they don’t really apply.  Everything is a potential influence, and the slightest change in initial conditions can spell the difference between success and disaster, feast and famine, drought and flood.  The nature and location of the ‘butterfly’ and its consequences often varies, but the truth remains clear:

The only thing that remains constant, is that everything changes.

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