acrylic still life

Still Life With Fruit & Candles (1999)
So, this was my first ever attempt at a still life using acrylics.  Oh, how I struggled with this monstrosity…which  is one of only two large-scale acrylics I’ve ever painted.  Did I mention that I prefer to work in small scale, and that watercolor, not acrylic, is my preferred medium for painting…?  And candlelight… Oh, the headache! At least the individual parts look somewhat like they’re supposed to… Sigh…
Study for a Still Life (1999)

One thought on “acrylic still life

  1. Acrylics can behave like watercolors. The advantage is that if something doesn't work out, you can paint over it. Candle light and paints are things we can keep trying to capture forever, but always present challenges. Nice job, especially for a first effort with a new medium. I like what you said about your self portrait enigma too. Keep 'em guessing 🙂


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