stained glass drawings & paintings

Agnus Dei I (2011)
I’ve always loved stained glass, the way it captures the light, illuminates the darkness, tells a story.  I’ve also known for many years that glass-making and glass-painting are not among my many talents, despite coming from a family of glass workers on my father’s side.  Layers of vellum, however, capture the effect rather well.
Agnus Dei II (2011)
Typically, I work from photographs of illuminated windows to develop a grey-scale study on my first layer of vellum.  Then I create overlays, building up the color-base working from light to dark with my inks.  Last, I go back in with soft-lead colored pencils to add highlights, subtle shading, and detail-work (such as the leading) which requires a crisper edge than rendering inks usually provide.  The layers are then stacked in sequence and scanned simultaneously to capture the color-depth of all the sheets together in a single image.

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