study in contrasts

Vellum Sofa (2000)
In case you haven’t noticed yet from my other work, I have a tendency to create multiple versions of a single image where I can play with the effects of lighting, media, style, etc.  I lay the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of Professor Sherry, who taught Introductory Rendering (2-D architectural drawing), as he insisted from day one that we develop two of everything that we did in order to learn the differences in effect between various media.  Our first project in that class was to photocopy an elevation of our choice onto both vellum and colored Canson paper, then attempt to complete them using an identical color palette…if it were possible.  They didn’t turn out to be a perfect match, but then they really weren’t supposed to be.  Though I did discover that Canson makes an excellent background for rendering napped fabrics such as suedes.


Canson Sofa (2000)

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