disharmony on an airwave

Alight (1999)

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.
Rabindrath Tagore


Working in what I like to call ‘stained glass style’ with clean-cut blocks of shape (and occasionally, color) is a favorite technique of mine.  It lets me get back to a simpler place in art, where it’s just me and the line, and no worries about anything else.  Breaking down complex figures into their base parts allows for a unique perspective that you don’t get, trying to draw realistically from life: captures the essence of the moment without overwhelming it.  Mostly, I use it for butterflies and flowers, and scenes where I want to convey the feel of a fleeting moment not bogged down in particular details.  The layers don’t strictly alternate, so it sometimes creates a sense of disharmony and subtle movement, like here in the fluttering wings and unfurling petals.

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