if: brigade

Say Yes (2011)

There are so many ways I could have taken this prompt…but I think those that know me well will understand my brain taking off on this particular tangent.  The infantry–the easy interpretation, I suspect–didn’t particularly interest me.  And while an ad for The Maid Brigade did catch my eye as I was browsing the web these past days, that wasn’t really what I wanted either.  The horrors of Black Friday however tripped the ‘shopping brigade’ concept, and from there it wasn’t a far leap to my ‘bridal brigade’ and the famous Running of the Brides. This is just a quick sketch, attempting to capture the urgency of the moment.


5 thoughts on “if: brigade

  1. Of course you are preoccupied!!Lovely sketch with a kind of modest style one would expect from a soon-to-be bride.
    Thanks for your kind word about my last IF image. I just finished some “art for gifts” pieces and was feeling VERY doubtful. Maybe a good night's sleep and some daylight will help.


  2. Dana: Gift art usually is the hardest, and sleep usually does make everything look better. Avoid the hair pulling and screams of frustration, and quit while you're ahead; your brain and your art will both thank you after a few hours' rest!


  3. Lol! What a great concept! I actually saw one of these once…it was unbelievable. It proved to me that you can't stand in the way of what a woman really wants…in that moment! 🙂


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