if: highlight

Model 1 (1999)

highlight n. a notable detail or event. v. 1. to make prominent, to emphasize.  2. to be a highlight of

There are so many things that one could choose to highlight as the old year rolls out and we welcome in the new.  After all, in our day to day lives we have many distinguishable moments.  There are the highlights in sports, the highlights on the news, the highlights in our hair… With all the attention that’s being focused on this, that, and the other being ‘notable’ and ‘important’ it’s easy to lose sight of what actually is important: all the little blessings in our lives that we tend to overlook.
Today I chose to place my focus on artistic highlights, and the lovely contrast created by the interplay between light and dark.  Charcoal and graphite create such lovely highlights in the void between…

One thought on “if: highlight

  1. I was considering participating in 'Highlight' IF too with white charcoal on black paper. I must say I had a laugh over your hair-highlights. That makes a very original interpretation!
    I wish you a colourful, successful and arty New Year!


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