the one that got away

Mouse, for Paula (2012)
Some time back, I posted a mini-story of calligraphy critters, and the question was left unanswered as to what happened to the adorable little mouse: whether kitty kept hold of him or he escaped (sans tail).  Seriously, did any of you think I was going to hurt such an adorable little mousey…?

2 thoughts on “the one that got away

  1. Oh! Cat! I'm delighted with Mouse.
    I see letters in him and I see he happily sits upright as if begging for a block of cheese.
    Can I take him on my hand and look at his cute little black eyes?
    Many, many thanks.
    If he is naughty, send him over to me. We have lots of mice around our house in the woodlands. He will have a great time. Having said this, you must have grown found of mouse too!
    Cheerio, Paula


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