10 things about the artist

1.  I won my 1st art award at four from a newspaper coloring contest for the 4th of July.
2.  I once spent an entire year drawing nothing but princesses and castles (and won the Crayola Anniversary Contest with one of those)!
3.  My favorite artist is Monet.
4. I come from a family full of artists, going back to at least the 1700’s; on my mother’s side woodworking of all types was the family trade, while on my father’s side it was glass-working; and I have several great aunts who were crafters and painters in various media.
5.  I’ve worked in just about every media but metal and glass, but watercolors are still my favorite.
6.  My current obsession, now that I have a camera capable of it, is macro photography.
7.  While using my mother’s living room as a makeshift studio, I once knocked over a bottle of solvent intended for oil paints and ruined her hardwood floor.  My oils were afterwards banished to my grandmother’s house, where I had a semi-permanent studio for many years.
8.  I love experimenting with new styles and combinations.
9.  As of last June, DIY projects and I have become very good friends.  But I will be very glad when they’re all done!
10. My next goal, post-wedding, is to learn to work in glass.

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