mmc #36

I seldom travel without a camera of some kind, because photo opportunities can arise when you least expect them. But when you can’t take all your gear with you, oh what to do! When one of my best friends announced that her wedding reception would be at the Memphis Botanical Garden, I knew I’d have to squeeze in a bit of photography time. But when everything must not only fit in a single carry-on bag, but into a teeny evening clutch, it limits the opportunity for macro.

Or does it…?

Not if you’ve got a Nikon S6200, apparently. Despite the macro setting topping out at 100 mm, it can produce impressive results if you know how to use it as more than a simple point-and-shoot. Which is why it’s my go-to camera when I have to travel light.



Camera: Nikon S6200
Aperture: f/5.8
Focal length: 45mm
ISO: 80
Exposure: 1/320 s

This image was actually one of several taken over the course of the aforementioned wedding weekend, and one of my favorites that didn’t include the happy couple. It was shot using a fence-post as a makeshift tripod (not even a Manfrotto PIXI Mini would’ve fit in my purse that day), and has not been edited.


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