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Serene Spirit

Anyone who knows how the ‘real world’ of art—of galleries and juried competitions—works knows that landing an exhibition isn’t easy. There are weeks—sometimes months—of preparation that go into preparing a submission, then more weeks of agonizing waiting for a decision. And even then, even after all that work and submitting what you thought were your best images…the rejection letters.

Those who know me well are aware that I’ve always been a fairly prolific artist, and once upon a time I’d considered making a career of it. Then life happened, and the dream was deferred…but not forgotten. Six job changes, two moves, and a husband later I finally had the time and financial security to make a go of it. Only by then it had been almost 15 years since my last juried exhibition. If you’ve ever job-hunted, you know exactly what an outdated CV will get you: nothing!

I’d never stopped creating, so I had a decade’s worth of material I could use in a portfolio, but all anyone seemed to care about was the date of my last exhibition. I needed a foot in the door, a spot in a juried show, anything. So I started submitting to every ‘call for art’ that something in that expansive portfolio might fill, dreading the rejection letters I was certain would come. And then…

Back-to-back letters of acceptance! Just small shows and no prize money, but it’s a start. Come check me out today at Fusion Art Online, or if you’re in Virginia at MOCA starting May 11th. Let’s get this art show on the road…


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