what’s in your camera bag?


Photographers often have a tendency to collect camera gear like some folks collect movie memorabilia or coins or any manner of such things as take up space in our lives. Likening it to a stable of workhorses is not so far-off an idea (though in my opinion cameras are far cleaner and tend to require much less maintenance). Those stables may change with time and advances in technology, but at the same time there is constancy: favored brands, bodies, lenses that we continue to use until CLR is no longer an option.

My current collection includes:

  • Nikon S6200 is my go-to when I have to travel super-light and/or be unobtrusive; it’s about the size of a credit card, yet has 16 megapixels and 10x zoom.
  • Nikon P80 was once considered the world’s most compact super-telephoto lens. With 10.1 megapixels and an 18x wide-angle zoom, it takes the best macro shots I’ve seen from a point-and-shoot.
  • Nikon D80 (out for CLR)
  • Nikon D5300 is my newest addition, with an impressive 24.2 megapixels, on-board editing and Wi-Fi capability.
  • AF-S DX Nikkor ED 18-55 mm
  • Tamron 18-270 mm
  • AF Nikkor ED 80-200 mm
  • Extra batteries (at least 2 for each camera), chargers & connector cables
  • Extra memory cards
  • Cleaning kit
  • Manfrotto Compact

What do you have in your camera bag? What are your favorites…?



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